Sue McKinney, MSW, CPDT-KA, CNWI

Sue is the owner of Whole Dog Institute (formerly Dog Fun Forever). As a Master in Social Work, Sue brings a unique perspective to her dog training practice. Sue focuses on teaching human beings how to better understand their dogs and hence communicate and train more effectively. Through lively, fun exercises and lectures, Sue helps handlers enjoy their dogs for life.

Susan Bankauf

Instructor (Agility)

I have been training and competing with dogs for over 20 years. Initially, my focus was on competitive obedience but over time switched to agility. Agility is a great way to have fun with your dog while strengthening your bond and teamwork. Having competed at a National level and training several different breeds of dogs, I have a broad knowledge of the training needed for this sport. This has helped me to get the most out of every team of dog and handler. Additionally, I am an agility judge for both the AKC and UKI.

Maggie Bogdanski

Instructor (Puppy, Out on the Town, Agility, Reactive Agility)

Maggie has been an instructor at the Whole Dog Institute since 2017 and teaches Puppy Relationship Building and Advanced Puppy, Out on the Town, Tricks, and agility classes including Reactive Dog Agility and Beginning Agility Sequences. She has 4 dogs of her own – all high energy herding breeds – and has owned, fostered, and trained dogs her whole life. She trains and competes her dogs in various sports, including Agility, Dock Diving, Disc, Nosework, and Fast CAT.

Heather Clarkson

Instructor (Puppy and Tricks)

Heather has been involved in dog rescue and training for more than ten years. She owns an assorted pack of herding breeds, spaniels, and poodles, and trains and competes in agility, dock diving, dog disc, and herding. Heather believes strongly in the bond achieved through teaching dogs and puppies new things, and loves helping owners create a lasting relationship with their canine companions



Laurence Gesquiere

Instructor (Agility)

Laurence has been involved in agility since 2004 and competes in AKC, USDAA, and UKI. She has attended several Nationals and has earned an ADCH as well as several MACHs on her sheltie Angel and border collie Bandit. She is currently competing with her two border collies, Cyclone and Twister, and training her two 7-month-old Border Collie puppies, Breeze and Storm. Laurence started teaching agility in 2015. Her philosophy is that agility training should be fun! She uses positive reinforcement and games to build a strong human canine bond. She thrives on helping her students find the same joy working with their dogs as she does with her own.

Tina Hamlin, CPDT-KA

Instructor (Behaviorist, Obedience and Reactive Dogs)

Animals have always played a significant role in my life.  I began working with dogs and horses at a young age.  I became fascinated by their behaviors and worked to nurture mutually beneficial relationships based upon positive encounters and outcomes.  My goal is to share that passion and philosophy with other dogs and their people.  I am particularly interested in dogs who struggle in challenging environments and dogs who struggle with behavioral issues. Until a few years ago I was primarily self taught. Thankfully I have had the great opportunity to become a part of the Whole Dog Institute staff and be mentored by a Pat Miller Certified Trainer who truly has been a defining role model.  I have completed several Pat Miller Academies. I have my CPDT-KA and am prepping to test for CBCC-KA (Certified Dog Behavior Consultant).  My focus of continued learning is canine behavior and behavioral issues.

Robin Kirk, Certified Canine Trainer and Behavior Specialist

 Instructor (Puppy and Obedience)

Robin has always held a special place in her life for dogs. While observing her children interacting with their dogs she became interested in how dogs learn, relate and react to the people around them.  In 2004, she graduated from Triple Crown Dog Academy, now called Starmark Animal Behavioral Center in Texas, as a Certified Canine Trainer and Behavior Specialist.  Combining her BSN in nursing with her dog training she became the training director for National Capital Therapy Dogs, Inc. located in the Washington, D.C. area. She also became a Delta Society evaluator and READ instructor.  Noticing the increase numbers in shelters, she started a private lesson dog training business with the primary goal of keeping dogs in their homes and out of shelters.  She has recently moved back to Durham and is currently working with her dog in both agility and nose work.  Her goal in dog training is to establish understanding and a positive relationship between dogs and their family.

Diane Lewis

Instructor (Agility)

Hi!  My name is Diane Lewis.  I have been doing agility with my rescue dogs since the late 90’s. My current pack consists of  an  Aussie named Sissy( rescued at 2),  Romeo, a  border collie ( rescued after being chained  for 3 years) and a darling mixed breed named Joy.  They all learn differently and that has helped me become a better trainer. I  have taught agility for several years and strive to make training fun for you and your dog and to think outside the box to make you a successful team.  When I am not doing agility, you can find me photographing dogs (my profession), volunteering for Saving Grace (dog rescue) or hiking in the woods with my dogs. Yes, my life revolves around dogs, and that brings me great joy! At this time I teach a novice agility class and I am available for private lessons on Mondays.

Martha Payne, CPDT-KA

Instructor (Puppy, Out on the Town, Agility, Reactive Agility)

Martha has been an instructor with WDI since 2017 and obtained her CPDT-KA in the fall of 2019. She teaches Puppy Relationship Building, Advanced Puppy Relationship Building, Reactive Dog Agility, and Out on the Town classes as well as teaching private lessons. She works full time in Veterinary Rehabilitation at Quartet Specialty and Emergency Hospital. When not working or teaching, she is very active in training and competing in multiple dog sports with her pack of Australian Cattle Dogs, including dock diving, agility, nosework, and disc with plans for Fast Cat and herding in the future. She also fosters for local Australian Cattle Dog rescues and Durham APS. Canine behavior, socialization, and training is something Martha is passionate about and enjoys sharing with people.

Liz Turpin, CPDT-KA, PMCT-2

Instructor (Behaviorist, Obedience and Reactive Dogs)

I love working with animals and helping people really connect with their dogs.  I moved to Raleigh in 2005 and started volunteering at the SPCA of Wake Country.  This was my first encounter with dog training and I could see the positive impact it had on dogs.  I found my passion for working with reactive dogs and dogs that struggle in the shelter environment.  I have continued to volunteer for the SPCA and foster for local rescue groups.  I am a Pat Miller Certified Trainer.  My goal as an instructor is to transfer my passion for connecting to and working with dogs to the students in class and show them how much fun working with their dogs can be.  The end result is dogs that connect with and happily work with their people.

Jordaan Van Romburgh

Assistant Instructor (Puppy, Obedience, and Behavior cases)

Jordaan grew up on a small farm in South Africa with a wide variety of animals. His down to earth, big-hearted approach to humans and animals give him a special way with clients and dogs. After spending 11 years working with shelter animals at San Francisco/SPCA and SF Animal Care and Control, Jordaan joined the staff of a dog training business in California where he worked for several years. In California, he was a certified dog walker and also worked to rehabilitate leash reactive dogs. Shy dogs, quirky dogs, “misunderstood” types and other rascals capture Jordaan’s interest. Recently, he has moved to NC with his family: wife Pamela, dog, Stuey Little, and his daughter Gemma!

Pamela Wyman

Instructor (Puppy, Obedience, and Behavior cases)

Pamela Wyman is a Certified Trainer with 24 years of urban dog experience. She is a graduate of the renowned SF/SPCA Academy for Dog Trainers, taught by Jean Donaldson. Pamela also holds a Certificate in Separation Anxiety Treatment, having studied under Separation Anxiety expert, Malena DeMartini. Pamela brings an enthusiastic and creative teaching style to her work. Clients find Pamela able to treat seemingly unsolvable behavior issues with innovative techniques. Her areas of interest and expertise are enriching relationships between owners and dogs, and setting up puppies, adolescents and new rescue companions to succeed. She regularly attends conferences, seminars, workshops and, perhaps most importantly continues to learn from each and every client and dog she works with. Pamela and her husband Jordaan currently live with a fluffy mutt Stuey Little and her daughter Gemma, the Junior Trainer!



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