Private Lessons

We offer private lessons in the comfort of your home or at our training facility. Lessons are taught using positive reinforcement techniques. The focus is on helping you better understand your dog’s behavior. Each dog is unique and requires a customized approach that takes into account his temperament and character as well as your lifestyle. It is our goal to teach you how to train your dog for life.

Private lesson prices:

Sue McKinney: $80/hour for the first hour, $60/hour pro-rated for time over one hour

Kate Warren: $60/hour

Travel fee (if we come to you): $20-25 depending on the distance

Phone consultations:

$20.00/15 minute block of time. Calls are broken down into 15-minute increments regardless of time taken on the call. Calls rounded up to the next highest number (e.g., 17 minute call costs $40, while 14 minute call, costs $20).

Email consultations:


Gift Certificates are available!

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