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Hello everyone! My name is Hopscotch, but I go by Hops for short! I’m a playful, energetic, medium-high energy 9-month-old ACD. When I was 4 months old, I got hit by a car and hurt my leg pretty badly. My previous owner did everything she could to help me but my leg continued to hurt and bother me, so she asked for the nice people at Carolina ACD Rescue and Rebound to help. I moved into a really awesome home with 2 ACD sisters and 1 ACD brother and was immediately seen by a doctor who fixed me and took all the pain away. Now that my hurt leg is gone, I feel like a million bucks and am ready to find my new home!!!

Despite being 3-legged, Hops is 100% ACD and 150% puppy! She is the definition of a Velcro dog and always wants to be with her people and her foster siblings. She is very eager to please and will constantly look to her person and her foster siblings for direction.

Shortly after arriving at her new home, Hop’s foster mom quickly realized that she seemed to be hard of hearing. A BAER hearing test confirmed that Hops is deaf in both ears. Hops’ foster mom has worked on training her to multiple signs with toys and treats as her rewards, and Hops relies heavily on body language from her people and the dogs she interacts with since she cannot hear them. Because Hops is deaf, she does not care about sounds a toy makes, but loves toys with different textures (bottle crunchers, crinkly toys) and she has an affinity for rubber toys and balls. In addition to her training, she has also been going through some at-home physical therapy to increase her strength and stamina after losing her leg. Hops walks very well on a leash, but does tire easily. The distance of her walks is being increased slowly. Hops’ forever home will have to continue both her training with a trainer who has experience working with deaf dogs and her physical therapy at home to continue to make her a strong healthy dog.

Hops’ favorite past-times are snuggling with her foster mom, wrestling with and herding her foster siblings, going for car rides, and chewing on her toys! Even though Hops is deaf, she is incredibly smart and fun to train but will need continued training and repetition throughout her life. She absolutely loves people and is eager to please them! She greets everyone she meets with a happy wagging nub and a big submissive ACD grin! Hops can be a little stand-offish with dogs until she gets to know them but plays very nicely once she understands them. Dogs that do not give good body language signals are not a good match for Hops. She does fit right into almost any pack with her submissive nature, but slow introductions are a must. Hops is food aggressive with other dogs and needs to be fed separately; her foster mom has worked with this extensively to the point that Hops is no longer reactive but she is very insecure if another dog approaches her while she’s eating. She can be a little possessive of her toys and chews when other dogs are around if they are trying to steal it, but she has made significant progress with this. Because of her strong herding drive and inability to hear, she would likely not do well in a home with cats or young children. She will also be required to go to a home with a secure fenced in yard because she will never be able to be off-leash; she still has a very strong desire to herd everything that moves quickly especially cars, bikes, strollers, skateboards, etc. so on-leash walks and a fence are a must.

Hops is now 100% house trained and crate trained. Because Hops is deaf, lights have been used in her training especially when in her crate (when the lights are off, she knows it’s quiet time, and when the lights are on, she knows it’s go time!). Her obedience training and socialization are still a work in progress and her forever home will be required to continue training with her with a positive reinforcement based trainer who has experience with deaf dogs.

Hops is up to date on all vaccinations, microchipped, and has a clean bill of health from the veterinarian. She is ready to find her forever home that is ready to add a spunky 3-legged deafie with a full-sized Cattle Dog personality to their family! Hops has not yet been spayed because with the injury she sustained, her veterinarian would like for her to be closer to a year old so that her other joints can develop properly.

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